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From £11.70

Quattro ®, an outstanding multipurpose contact lens solution for both SOFT and RGP contact lenses which incorporates a unique dual surfactant system. Quattro® does not allow even a hint of smear...

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From £7.98

Amiclair ® protein remover tablets. Simple, easy and safe to use - for both SOFT and RGP Contact Lenses. Compatible with Multipurpose Solutions and Peroxide Systems. No Animal Enzymes. Contains ...

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From £19.74

Ami-dose ® sterile saline eye rinse solution (also for soft contact lenses) - designed to be more controlled than tears. No sting or irritations. No harmful buffering agents or propellants. Preser...

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From £2.94

SIDE BY SIDES 3x blue and white contact lens storage casesFlat cases for easy use / storageEasy screw open / close capsR&L marked and colour coded cap for lenses VIALS 3 x Contact lens vial s...

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